Game Design Mentor

Whether you’re a game design professional or someone who feels strongly about supporting the educational growth of youth (or both!), the Challenge is excited to help support your efforts to assist students in creating their own original video games.

A major goal of the 2017 Challenge is to empower adults – parents, teachers, librarians, etc. – who wish to support young people as they participate in the Challenge. To many adults who are new to games and game design, the prospect of helping young people design and make games can be a daunting one. Together, the partners behind the STEM Challenge have helped thousands of adults (and hundreds of thousands of youth) learn about games design. In recent years, a wide variety of tools and curricula have become available to teach game design and allow novice designers to make games. Many of these tools are designed specifically for education and allow for the creation of sophisticated games without a need for programming or other technical skills.

Check out the ‘Mentors’ menu for resources specifically designed for game design mentors like our Resource Kit and information hands-on Game Design Workshops.


We created this toolkit of different resources to help you work with your students. Use the links to the left to help you navigate to the content that is most helpful to you. If you have a question that is not addressed in our toolkit, please let us know. Contact us by clicking here