Mentor Resource Kit


This Resource Kit was specifically assembled to give adult mentors an introductory set of materials to help introduce young people (and by extension the mentors themselves) to game design. By using the material in the Kit with your youth, you will help provide new designers with a solid foundation in game design, actionable tools and resources to get them started with making their first game, and a pathway for further learning and game creation.

Resource Kit Contents

Activity Plans

Hands-on game design activities are a great way to introduce game design concepts to your students.

Check out our Workshops page for some example activities that you can do with your students.

Game Design Tools & Resources

There are a wide variety of tools and curricula that have become available to teach game design and allow novice designers to make games. Many of these tools are designed specifically for education and allow for the creation of sophisticated games without a need for programming or other technical skills. The Resources section of the STEM Challenge website contains information about a number of these tools.

You may also want to check out our downloadable guide to over 50 game design tools and curricula, ranging from the introductory to the tools the professionals use. This guide will give you a sense of the range of tools available to teach game design and will give young people a starting point to find the right tool for them (either to learn game design or to make their own game).

Download the Tools and Resource Guide PDF.

Game Design Workshops

Hands-on game design workshops are a fun and effective way of engaging youth around game design and for introducing basic game design concepts, techniques, and resources.

Check out our Workshops page for information and resources about hosting your own game design workshops.

Making Learning Games

Many parents, teachers, and mentors are interested in having their students design games with STEM themes or learning goals. While this is not a requirement of the Challenge, we’ve prepared some resources for mentors and students interested in this type of design.

PlayBook Resource Guide

Help your child discover the full potential of games by reviewing the PlayBook Resource Guide. This guide is brought to you by Bayer and was developed in support of the 2014-15 National STEM Video Game Challenge Awards Celebration and Family Game Day at WQED